Pam Parker is a New England transplant who lives in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she likes to count deer sightings in addition to writing.  She has been, at different times in her life, a rather decent gymnast, a not-so-great gymnastics’ judge, a middle school teacher and various and sundry other things.  She remains a wife, mother, writer and writing coach, and grateful breast cancer survivor. Among the many blessings in her life, she counts the RedBird-RedOak Writing community in Milwaukee way up high on her list.

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  1. Al Halley says:

    Pam I’d recognize you anywhere. Am not sure if you remember me – from your WSJ days – since it has been quite some time. I’m glad to see you’re doing well and it appears you’re doing something you love. Drop me a line if you’d like and we can try and catch up a bit.



  2. Pam Parker says:

    Emailed you — of course I wouldn’t forget my WSJ days. 🙂

  3. Sharon Jones says:

    Wow, Pam! I followed you here from Twitter, (yeah, I am supposed to be writing) and found a great surprise! A fellow Wisconsinite! I live up in Waupun now, about an hour and 15 min. from Milwaukee. My husband and I both grew up in Milwaukee!! What a small world!
    I am now following your blog…feel free to follow mine too!
    Thanks, and lets keep in touch! I don’t know any other writers in WI.
    Sharon 🙂

    • Pam Parker says:

      For some reason your comment got dumped in my spam folder – glad I found it. We talked a little on twitter yesterday. Will be glad to introduce you to more WI writers. 🙂

  4. Home safe and sound from the uplifting Hairshirt Writers Retreat. So glad to meet you and discover this blog! I want to spend some time reading it — which will be an adventure, because I’m not online at home so I often go to the airport that is 2 miles from home and set up there for a while! Hope your trip home was smooth. More later! (Please go to WCACenter.com and find me on the artists page.)

  5. Tony Press says:

    Ahhh, dealing with these national/international publications —- but I’ll try.
    I’ve just deleted my Finding Meaning with Words subscription for my old address, but I can’t figure out how to START it for my new address (tonypress108@gmail.com). Maybe you have some influence with your circulation department. Please?

  6. jenifer says:

    Hi Pm,
    Great blogs! Love the sheep in your banner.

  7. Pam, I check into your blog site every couple of weeks and always find your postings so well done, and often inspiring. I am not on facebook, so I am not subscribed to your site, but I always anticipate what I will find. Hope your summer is going well and that I will see you at Kim’s roundtables in July. Let’s try to carpool, as we discussed.

    Lois Patton

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